Safeheron Teams up with GoPlus Security: Bolstering Growth for Web3 Security

We are very excited to announce that Safeheron and GoPlus Security have reached a strategic partnership to promote Web3 security from the perspective of security data sharing.
Safeheron is about to release the “Safeheron for Web3” product suite, including application, browser extension, and APIs. When using Safeheron's Web3 product suite, users initiate Web3 transactions through the browser extension or APIs and then approve the transactions in the App. During the approval, Safeheron introduces phishing website detection and contract approval detection API provided by GoPlus. Once risks are detected, there will be real-time warnings to protect users’ Web3 interactions.
Currently, GoPlus Security has launched a series of API products, including Token Detection, NFT Detection, Malicious Address, Approval Security API, dApp Contract Security. It has built a fairly complete To C security service framework.
In future product iterations, Safeheron will introduce more security detection APIs from GoPlus, such as NFT security detection, Token security detection, etc., to provide users with more security warning services.
About Safeheron
Incorporated in 2019, Safeheron is one of the few digital asset self-custodial service providers in the market that masters MPC & TEE technologies and has open-source algorithms.
Safeheron’s products include MPC Wallet-as-a-Service, Web3 product suite, policy engine, AML (automated compliance and anti-money laundering), etc., to provide digital asset security governance solutions for institutional users.
For more details, please visit the website and keep up-to-date with Twitter.
About GoPlus Security
GoPlus is working as the "security infrastructure" for web3 by providing open, permissionless, user-driven Security Services. GoPlus is building on the Security data infrastructure and Security Service platform, making a safer web3 Ecosystem.
Currently, GoPlus has developed a real-time, dynamic, and automated security detecting platform, including token detection, NFT detection, Malicious Address, Approval Security API, and dApp contract security, with more than 2 million data call every day. Goplus is also preparing for a security service Marketplace to launch in the end of 2022.
Official Website:https://gopluslabs.io/