Safeheron Partners with MetaMask on MPC Security Solution

Safeheron, an open-source one-stop self-custody solution provider, today announced the strategic partnership with MetaMask to integrate enterprise-grade MPC multisignature security solutions through devices and applications supporting like MetaMask Snaps, MetaMask’s browser extension, MetaMask mobile, and the Keystone hardware wallet.
The first to be self-developed in Asia, Safeheron’s MPC-TEE security solutions lower the barriers to entry for SMEs to adopt institutional-grade crypto custody security, enabling multi-party management of crypto assets for improved security. Adding to this, Safeheron’s system is open-sourced, enabling clients to feel reassured by the radical degree of transparency as its source code can be readily audited.

🤝 Strategic Partnership with MetaMask

Safeheron’s MPC solution is customized for MetaMask and first integrated through MetaMask’s exciting new Snaps system. And this MPC solution will be integrated into more scenarios.
With this solution, end-users can enjoy an additional layer of protection. This means, instead of signing a transaction with just one device or application - like the MetaMask mobile wallet - users can sign transactions using two or three supported verification devices and applications. Supported devices and applications integrated with Safeheron’s MPC multisignature technology can include the Keystone hardware wallet, MetaMask’s desktop extension, and MetaMask mobile.
“We’ve spent years developing our radically complex open-source, zero-trust MPC-TEE security solution in-house, which until today is a first in Asia. We’re thrilled to apply our secure MPC multisignature technology, which for the first time enables users to verify transactions on MPCSnap, a MetaMask Snap, and with the Keystone hardware wallet as it can now sign MetaMask transactions through a dynamic QR code. And we’re also looking forward to supporting the extension and mobile app in the future,” said Wade Wang, CEO and Founder of Safeheron.
“An important next step for user and business security on the blockchain is easy access to multi-factor authentication. Safeheron’s Multi-Party Compute (MPC) technology, combined with the Keystone hardware wallet and MetaMask Snaps, is an incredibly exciting project in this area. MetaMask Snaps offers a way for any team to extend the capabilities of MetaMask and we’re specifically enthusiastic to partner with Safeheron to trial their tech to help introduce an extra layer of protection for MetaMask users,” said Alex Jupiter, Senior Product Manager at MetaMask.

😎 Introducing MPCSnap

About Safeheron

Safeheron, headquartered in Singapore, is an open-source, zero trust one-stop self-custody solution provider for Web3.0 SMEs, founded by a team with more than a decade of experience in cybersecurity and cryptography. Based on self-developed Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Trusted Execution Environment technologies, and a flexible policy configuration that can be tailored to a business’ complex needs, Safeheron enables SMEs to gain access to trusted and transparent industry-leading institutional-grade security and multi-party management features.
To learn more about Safeheron visit https://www.safeheron.com/. Follow Safeheron on Twitter and LinkedIn.