What is decision-making?

Decision-making means a mode for Admins to make decisions in Safeheron. In the decision-making, the team Creators will set a certain quorum/threshold based on the number of admins in the team to make sure the decision will come into effect when a certain number of admins approve it.

Why do we need decision-making?

To operate a business, it's not always the work done all by one person, instead, it's always backed by a whole team. Thus, for asset security and efficient business operations, Safeheron introduces the decision-making mode, to involve admins making crucial decisions regarding asset security.
Crucial decisions in Safeheron will only be valid after meeting the threshold/quorum the team creator preset.
You may wonder what kind of decisions need decision-making, let's continue.

How do we use decision-making?

Set decision-making

In Safeheron, once you have admins in your teams, then the co-management is enabled, which means the decision-making mode is also effective for your business operations. Same as what in Make decisions together.
The team creator will set a certain quorum/threshold (based on how many admins are in a team) to approve the decision.
The whole setup of the decision-making mode is executed in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), ensuring it's tamper-proof and up against malicious outsiders and insiders.

Change decision-making

Decision-making mode can be changed as per your business needs.
Navigate to Me ➡ Member Management, click Admin , you can see the option Change Decision-Making .
And, once it's changed, this change also needs to be approved by other admins, to meet the quorum to be valid. (This is one of the decisions will trigger decision-making)
📝 Note:
What kind of crucial decisions will trigger decision-making?
  1. 1.
    API-related: activate, change & delete API key (your API account)
  2. 2.
    Whitelisting: set & delete whitelists
  3. 3.
    Policies: change basic policy and add & delete advanced policies
  4. 4.
    Decision-making: change decision-making