Dive Into Safeheron

Here, you can find all the essentials to understand why Safeheron can be your enterprise-level self-custody.

Product Instruction

All essentials you need on how to enjoy your institutional-grade self-custody!

Technical Overview


Teams is your own private and confidential business operation in Safeheron, offering you secure working space. Each team has its own wallets, members, admins and approval nodes that integrate with one another seamlessly. You need at least one team to use Safeheron.


Creatorsare persons who create teams in Safeheron. Team creators are also the team admins. Team creators can invite team Admins and Members, activate team members and admins, set team members' permissions, etc.


Admins are a key component of Safeheron. Admins all share the same-level permissions. They can manage members (invite members, change or delete members' permissions), manage team wallets, etc.


Members are persons who use Safeheron App. Different members with different permissions effectively play their roles in the team which is to facilitate your business solidly with joint efforts, essential in the concept of safeguarding your business while improving your business operation.


Decision-Making means a mode for Admins to make decisions in Safeheron. In the decision-making, the team Creators will set a certain quorum/threshold based on the number of admins in the team to make sure the decision will come into effect when a certain number of admins approve it.

Approval Nodes

Approval Nodes in Safeheron are the rounds of approval for a certain event carried out by your team. And, each approval node has its own quorum/threshold (you can preset it), as once the quorum/threshold is met, the whole approval procedure will proceed.

Approval Flow

Approval Process is an approval process that consists of Approval Nodes. In approval flow, you can get time-sensitive updates on the approval status, those who are involved in this approval. And, the validity of every approval result will be verified in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).


Policies govern how Transactions are submitted to Approval Process. You can use policies to automate your company's internal review/approval processes, and rely on Safeheron to securely submit transactions to approval according to the rules that you define.


Whitelists are pre-approved/permissioned addresses that are approved by your team. This is another security and efficiency design for you: when creating a transaction, the initiator can directly transfer tokens to the whitelist (the authenticated/verified addresses by your team).


Transactions in Safeheron are blockchain transactions. They can be deposits of tokens into a wallet, or withdrawals of tokens from a wallet for example. Each transaction in Safeheron is associated with a single blockchain transaction. And, all the transaction details shown in Safeheron are the same as what is on the blockchain.

Safeheron API

Safeheron API is used to integrate Safeheron MPC-TEE technologies into multiple applications/platforms. You can enjoy almost all the core functions via API and explore more business scenarios such as contract interactions with DeFi, DEX and GameFi, permission management on contract owner and token mint, etc.

API Co-Signer

API Co-Signer automates your MPC Sign. Deploy the API Co-Signer on your server and call Safeheron API. API Co-Signer can automatically have 3 parties perform MPC Sign. Remember, you are the only owner of your server that Safeheron cannot and won't intervene.